The PVD Airfield Improvement Program will commence this construction season. The following are the primary projects of note and a rough development schedule for each.  

Runway 16 End Safety Improvements – Phase 1
This project is the phased construction of the Runway 16 End Safety Area (RSA) Improvements and reconfiguration of the taxi lane from the northeast ramp to the Runway 16 end.
  • The site of the Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) will be prepared for the arrestor system this year.  Miscellaneous airfield electrical improvements on the R/W 16 end will be constructed.
  • Work in Phase 1 is expected to commence in July 2013 and shut down on November 22, 2013 for the winter season. 
Hangar 1 Demolition Project  
This project is the demolition of Hangar 1 and construction of a aircraft parking apron in a portion of the existing building’s footprint. The project will be constructed concurrently with the Runway 16 End RSA project.
  • Demolition activities scheduled to begin in July 2013.
  • Project will shut down on November 22, 2013 coincident with the Runway 16 project.
  • Any remaining work such as seeding will take place in the spring of 2014.  
Runway 16 End Safety Improvements – Phase 2  
This phase of the project will consist of the installation of the EMAS arrestor bed at the Runway 16 end.
  • Work will commence in May 2014 for the EMAS installation and is expected to be complete by June 2014.  
Deicer Management System      

This project consists of the construction of the Deicer Management System which will collect glycol impacted stormwater resulting from de-icing aircraft at PVD and treat the collected material prior to discharging it to the sewer.

  • Field construction is underway and expected be completed by end of April 2014.  System checking and control instrumentation program loading expected to begin in May 2014. Expect system to be operational by end of March 2015.  
Runway 34 End Safety Area Improvements, Wetlands Mitigation and FAA System Upgrades
This project consists of the reconstruction of 1,600 feet of existing Runway 16-34, construction of the Runway 34 end EMAS, reconstruction of a portion of Taxiway C, installation of new edge lights on Taxiway C, and construction of the airport service road.  The Wetlands Mitigation Project consists of upgrades to various areas, including reclaiming/improving wetlands, stream improvements, and upgrade of a major culvert across Lakeshore Drive.  The FAA system includes improvements to the approach lighting system and Glide Slope Antenna.     
  • Work expected to commence in May 2014 (see Runway 16 End Safety Improvements-Phase 2 above).
  • The first phase of the project will be to construct the embankment on the Runway 34 end, and develop the wetlands mitigation improvement program.
  • Work will enter a winter shutdown on November 21, 2014.
  • Work will re-start in May 2015.  Construction will continue on the runway improvements, including the EMAS RSA on the Runway 34 end.
  • Construction expected to be complete by November 23, 2015.  
Winslow Park
  • The replacement of the Winslow Park facilities is expected to commence in June 2014 and be completed in June 2015 in order for the Main Avenue relocation to commence in June 2015.  Work includes replacement of the existing soccer and softball fields, playground facility, concession and restroom facilities as well as roadway calming treatments and landscaping improvements.  
Main Avenue Relocation
The construction of the Main Avenue relocation project is scheduled for commencement June 2015 through May 2016.

Runway 5 End Extension Projects  
Note:  The Runway 5 extension, parallel Taxiway M extension, and construction of the Runway 5 EMAS RSA program preliminary schedule follows.  The ultimate schedule provides for the new full length Runway 5-23 to be opened by the end of 2017.  
Runway 5 Extension Preliminary Schedule:
  • EMAS embankment construction begins March 2016.
  • Runway reopened at 8,700 feet after FAA Flight Check and approval of facilities, December 31, 2017.                  

**All dates are estimated and subject to change.