1931 - July, 1931, Hillsgrove State Airport, located on Airport Road, then called Occupatuxet Road, opened becoming the first state-owned and operated in the United States. The Airport originally was 158 acres of cleared brush and turf runways. The Airport was dedicated on September 27, 1931. Two air shows drew a crowd of over 150,000; the largest crowd that had attended a public function in the country.

1933 - January, 1933, the state opened its administration and terminal building at 572 Occupatuxet(now Airport) Road. The building today houses the U.S. Weather Service office and was the first step towards bringing the Hillsgrove into the modern age.

1935 - Cement runways were 3,000 long and 150 feet wide, plus a two-way radio station was added so that aviators and the airport could keep in contact with each other. A double lighting system was added for night flyers. There was a radio beam, added the only one in New England located at the State Airport.

1938 - On December 27, 1938, Governor Robert E. Quinn, by executive order Hillsgrove State Airport was renamed Theodore Francis Green State Airport, Rhode Island's Governor from 1933-1937, former state senator and avid supporter of aviation.

1942 - The Army Air Force assumed control of the airport on April 1, 1942 and the Theodore F Green Aiport became known as the Hillsgrove Army Air Base. It became a fighter base for the First Army Air Force and a transition-training base for officers after graduation from flying school.

1945 - On September 26, 1945, the Hillsgrove Airport was returned to the state of Rhode Island.

1961 - A new airport terminal, located on Post Road, U.S. Route 1, opened.

1966 - Run ways were expanded to provided the necessary pavement for landing the large jets that were becoming the modern vehicles for flying.

1978 - Mandates from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for arming and providing formal training for Airport Law Enforcement Officers (L.E.O.'s), were implemented. This included the Airport Security Unit.

1993 - The Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) replaced the Division of Airports. RIAC is a quasi public agency, and division of the Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

1996 - The current airport terminal, the Bruce Sundlun Terminal Building at T.F. Green Airport, opened.

1997 - Four gate expansion to the North opens.

1998 - Federal Inspection Services Facility opens.

2005 - Annual passenger traffic at T.F. Green reaches its peak with 5.7 million travelers. 

2007 - Airport streamlines flow of arriving and departing passengers with enhanced checkpoint aread and opening of new passenger arrival ramps.

2008 - New shops, concessions and food court open, offering a wide variety of local products and national chain selections. 

2010 - InterLink Transportation Hub is completed.  Consolidated rental car facility opens and MBTA commuter rail service commences to and from T.F. Green Airport.

2011 - Federal Aviation Administration issues Record of Decision approving preferred alternative for T.F. Green Airport Improvement Program.