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Construction Update Summer 2015

Deicer Management System
RIAC has completed the construction of a new Deicer Management System.  This includes a gate deicing collection at the passenger terminal, as well a
s a deicing collection area for cargo, tenant, and transient aircraft.  Once collected the liquid will travel to an anaerobic digestion system that will collect, store and treat fluid prior to discharge into the Warwick Sewer Treatment Facility.  An added benefit, methane produced through the biological treatment process will be used to generate heat for the treatment process and heat for the facility.  To date, RIAC is in the initial stages of treatment plant operation and has diverted and collected over 2 Million gallons of fluid thus far. 

Runway 34 End Safety Improvements
This project include
s the addition of safety area at the end of the secondary runway with construction of an Engineered Materials Arrestor System (EMAS), reconstruction of approximately 1,650 ft. at the 34 end of the runway to bring it in line with current FAA criteria, miscellaneous NAVAID improvements, and importantly, construction of significant wetlands mitigation improvements with stream restoration.  Nearly 30 acres of wetlands were restored and reconnected through the work that also included culvert replacement in the area of Lakeshore Drive Overall project construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2015 with the reopening of the secondary runway for aviation utilization. 

Main Avenue Relocation
As we prepare to lengthen the main runway, construction of the relocated Main Ave. site is well underway.  The major project elements include 3,400 feet of road 4-lanes wide with sidewalks on each side, drainage improvements, utility relocations and two signalized intersections.  Construction began on August 11, 2015 and is expected to be substantially complete b
y summer of 2016.  

Some roads have been reconfigured, some neighborhood cross streets have closed and construction vehicles are preparing the site as significant drainage and utility work are now moving forward.   Neighbors are encouraged to use Buttonwoods or West Shore Road intersections to access Main Ave.  Additional road closures in the area will take place in order to simplify traffic patterns.    

Runway 5 Extension
The project will provide for a 1,534-foot extension to the primary Runway 5-23 at Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport, bringing its total length to 8,700-feet.  Included in the project is the construction of a taxiway extension, a Runway Safety Area with an EMAS system, an ai
rport perimeter service road, security fencing and replacement of Navigational Aids. Additionally, various obstructions to air navigation are required to be removed and some of this tree removal has already been completed.  This effort began in winter of 2015.  In order to protect the airspace near and around Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport as required by the FAA, the obstruction removal project cleared runway approach areas and other surfaces in order to facilitate safe aircraft landing and takeoff operations.  At the completion of the project, the airport will accommodate airline service that will reduce passenger leakage to other regional airports and enhance the efficiency of the New England Regional Airport System. The design of the runway extension is at the approximately 70% complete level. Project bids will be received in April 2016, with construction starting in early summer 2016. Project completion is anticipated for December 7, 2017.

Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP)
This program is well underway.  The multi-phase RSIP began with a pilot phase, which includes the acoustical testing and sound insulation of 11 homes.  Through the development of the pilot phase (Phase 1), RIAC and the FAA were able to work together to define the overall program.  Construction on the 11 homes was completed in September 2014.  

Continuing forward, RIAC has completed construction of Phase 2A in May 2015, which included 48 homes. Construction of Phase 2B (58 single-family homes) and Phase 3 (90 homes and 40 condominiums) will commence this Fall and continue through Spring 2016. RIAC will continue to reach out the airport community regarding eligibility for Phase 4 (currently under design) and 5 of the program. Eligible residents will be able to view and sample the sound products at our newly constructed display area located at 2248 Post Road, Warwick.  Anyone with questions can contact Bob Politto at the Noise Mitigation Office at 401-732-8320 for assistance.  

Link to the RSIP site.   

Residential Voluntary Land Acquisition Program (VLAP)
As a result of the Record of Decision (ROD), issued in September 2011, RIAC continues in its efforts to acquire residential properties related to noise mitigation and the Runway 5-23 extension.  Demolition of previously acquired homes will continue through the construction season. Please contact Krista Kerr at the TF Green Acquisitions Offices at 401-732-8320 with any questions regarding the program. 

If you have any questions or concerns throughout this multi-year airport expansion program, we have set up a construction hotline at 691-2707 or