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Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) Facility Assessment


RIAC completed the building and infrastructure assessments at all six airports. This effort inspected vertical facilities including buildings, fencing, vaults, tanks, and drainage structures. Similar to the pavement and airspace assessments, this assessment has been instrumental in our ability to prioritize all identified projects into a system capital plan. 

RIAC contracted with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. (Stantec) to perform general visual inspections of RIAC’s building infrastructure.  The inspectors from Stantec had various professional backgrounds, including architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, fuel systems engineering, and civil engineering. The facilities were inspected from July 2019 to October 2019, and this report includes the following sections per airport:

·       General summary narrative of the inspections and data collection

·       Site plan showing perimeter fence line and gate inspection notes

·       Inspection notes for the various facilities

·       Photo logs corresponding to the comments included in the inspection notes

·       Order of Magnitude Cost Estimates for RIAC’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Key Findings

The consultant, Stantec, identified priority projects and maintenance for each airport. RIAC had prior knowledge of the need for certain items contained in the report, and some were shared while the report was being drafted. Therefore, some items listed in the report have already been addressed by RIAC. Listing of the project in the Stantec reports does not mean that the issue is still pending, or that RIAC has not prioritized the improvement. Notes relating to specific projects follows. As always, long-term inclusion in the CIP reflects an aspirational project that is not guaranteed to be undertaken or completed within a specific timeframe.

20200303_OQU_report FINAL.pdf

20200303_SFZ_report FINAL.pdf

20200303_UUU_report FINAL.pdf

 20200303_WST_report FINAL.pdf


PVD Assessment