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Sunflower Program

Providing the best passenger experience is the goal of all of us in the airport community.

As part of that commitment, Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport is pleased to be part of a new program called the Sunflower Program.  The Sunflower Lanyard Program was introduced by Gatwick Airport in 2016, and is now in place in over 25 US Airports and 72 airports around the world.  Wearing the lanyard (or other program items) will allow passengers, with a hidden disability, to discreetly signal to airport staff that they may need additional assistance or need some extra time to complete a task when traveling through and airport. 

Passengers can request a Sunflower Program item via an online application or by contacting airport customer service directly.  There are several items that can be requested dependent on the passengers specific needs/comfort.   All of these items will have the Sunflower logo on them for easy recognition.  Airport staff have been trained to recognize the branded item and will know this person may need extra assistance.

If you feel this program may benefit you, please be sure to submit your request at least one week in advance to allow us to have the items available for you.


Lanyard Request Form


Who can request a Hidden Disability item?

Travelers and caregivers that want a discrete way to notify airport staff that they may need some additional assistance or patience going through the airport process.

Please note that not all airports are currently participating in this program.  While the program is becoming more well know, you may arrive in other airports and have contact with their airline staff, TSA agents and/or airport employees that are not aware of the discrete request for additional assistance.

Do I have to identify my disability?

No you are not required to disclose any information.  If you would like to disclose the type of assistance you may need, you may do so but are not required to.

How will I receive the item/items I have requested?

Please provide an email address or phone number on the Request Form, at least one week prior to your departure date, so Customer Service staff can contact you to make arrangement for pickup of the requested item/items.

Do these items provide personal escort through the travel process?

No, if you require this level of assistance or wheelchair assistance, please contact your airline directly to request this assistance.  If you have not already done so, be sure to contact your airline and make them aware of any special assistance requirements you may need.

Can I use the special assistance lane at security screening?

The item/items do not give you fast track access through the screening checkpoint.  The item/items will be recognized by the screeners and they will know that you may need some additional assistance as you proceed through the screening checkpoint.

You may also contact TSA directly to request assistance as part of their TSA Cares Program.

Will this allow me to receive help with my luggage?

The item/items do no guarantee you help with your luggage.  If luggage assistance is required, please contact your airline to see what assistance they may be able to provide.